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Care after stroke or transient ischaemic attack

What, when and why?


Plain language summary for people affected by stroke



You can read the plain language summary of the guideline in two ways.  The wording is the same in both formats.

  • Click here to read it online.  It is in an accessible format.  You could make it even more accessible by adjusting your browser settings (for example, to increase the font size).

  • Click here to download a pdf.  It is in an accessible format which is easy to read.


You can download and print an A4 poster to put up on bulletin boards in hospitals and GP surgeries.  The poster tells people that there is a plain language summary of the stroke guideline.  The poster directs people to this website page.

Click here to download the A4 poster

Professional printing

You can get the summary, the poster or an A5 leaflet professionally printed using these print-ready pdfs (with printer’s marks and bleeds):

Full guideline

Click here to read the full guideline online.